What if we didn’t have relationships, but creationships

Welcome to CMNITY

Got a dream? We spread it.

Standing out isn’t just about sharing highlights. It’s about delivering a message to the world about what you’ve accomplished. If your goal is to target people or businesses with your story, we have some good news. With media reaching from print to web and mobile, there’s no time like the present to show yourself off to the public. We’ll push you out of your comfort zone from time-to-time, but this is exactly where you will shine. We want to help you stand out and put your best face forward.

Tell tomorrow’s story. Today.

Your brand is how your customers see your business. It’s shaped by the way you present and represent yourself – professionally, socially and visually. It’s what makes you unique and desirable.

360 Campaigns

At CMNITY we design tailor made marketing campaigns for companies that can use a little assistance in selling their dream to clients.
We hold a source of expertise with a team that has worked in every facet of marketing, content creation and public relations. We invent. We create. We deliver. With you, for your clients.


A concept is nothing but a well designed and proper articulated and universal story. Fit-to-size, with origins from within. At CMNITY we focus on developing a strategy that makes your story a tangible communication tool. You dream, we sell.

“There is nothing wrong with DIY, but something tells us you’re ready for the next step.”


Creativity is to Think More Efficiently

We’re full service which means we’ve got you covered from a to z. From problem to solution. From solution to the actual production, implementation and branding of the strategies we develop. What if didn’t have relationships, but creationships? Working with our team will lead to improved versions of current visions. At CMNITY we challenge you to create something that is beyond your reality.

Visual Content

Wether its a campaign video or photo serie, menu, flyer or refreshed content for your digital billboards. You are just one click away from upgrading your visual identity.


Our concept-development team will design, produce and brand the campaign for your next big launch. Your wish is our command (topped of with a little Virall spice of course).


Tired of trying all these new promotion tools or just clueless where to start? Let us assist you in the process and make sure you reach your target audience. Let’s grow your business.

Explore Our Process

Okay. So you desire a boost on your branding and therefore want to improve your presence on social media. But what is the really source of your problem and what type of content do you want to create in the first place? Let us start by saying by saying there is not a universal applicable succes formula. Certain (basic) tools are essential and effective for everyone’s use, although exponential growth is often realized with a more custom approach. Virall can help you explore your options.



First, our team captains will have a coffee with you to discuss the status quo of your company. You will be asked to tell us about your day to day activities and challenges. After this meeting we will analyse the company and return to the table with a concept strategy plan.



Your company’s mission and vision statement will lead in our creating process. Based on the analysis, your wishes and our beliefs we will present the concept for a new marketing campaign that will fit tomorrow’s standards. A common misconception is that marketing strategies only focus on what type of content needs to be developed. Working with us, you will learn that’s probably the last piece of the puzzle. For us to create a campaign video that best represents the company or its project, we first develop ways to improve your product of service. Once our plan grants all your wishes, our production team takes over to do what it does best.

Now it’s time to go live with the content and work on your visibility.


Implementation .

An underestimated part of the process is the actual implementation, excecution and distribution of the content. You now own a great content package and are almost ready to share it with your followers. The question is how it can be done most effectively. Better yet, how you can reach a new audience while targeting the old. We’ll work on increasing engagement, building community, optimising your search engine and more boring stuff you don’t need to worry about.



Once the previous steps have been successfully completed, we will evaluate the whole campaign run in order to make improvements on the next one. At CMNITY we keep on learning each and every day, let’s learn and grow together.